Into Ice and Lava

Into Ice and Lava

Duration: 11 hours / Difficulty: Easy

We depart early from Reykjavík city and get the crisp morning view of
our destination, the Langjökull Glacier. Langjökull is 953 sq/km,
making it the second-largest glacier in the country.

Step onboard our all new bus fleet, equipped with computer tablets in each seat.

On the tablets, you can use our GPS Sensitive In Bus Audio Guide,
available in 10 languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish,
French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Mandarin) and German.

Should you have any questions during the tour you can ask the host who will happily assist you.

Onboard you will also find a USB Charger and free wifi

To get to the man-made Ice tunnel and caves, located high up in a
remote area of the glacier, we ride in a huge specially-modified truck.
Before you know it you find yourself standing on top of a vast ice-cap,
ready to descend into the glacier and explore its icy netherworld. Your glacier
guide will take you on an amazing journey, deep within the
glacier where you can see the stunning blue-hued ice.

After our ice cave tour we head on to explore the mightiest lava cave
in Iceland, Víðgelmir, which is just shy of 1600 meters/ 5250ft making
it one of the largest lava caves in the world. Your guide will show you
and explain the amazing features of the cave, e.g. the wonderful
colours, lava stalactites and stalagmites, etc.

The lava field was formed during a destructive eruption in the 10th
century that originated under Langjökull. The Lava Cave tour is extremely
family friendly, thanks to our all new signature walkway and
feature lighting. Afterwards, we take a scenic route back to Reykjavík. 

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